Viviscal Hair Loss Supplements

Since it was first developed in 1992, Viviscal has maintained its position as the best selling hair loss supplement of its type worldwide. Containing more than 50% more of the main active ingredient marine protein complex than its nearest competitor, these are recognised globally as being the most effective supplement to combat thinning hair.

Viviscal hair loss supplements are suitable for both men and women. In clinical trails they have been show to be very effective in stopping hair loss as well as promoting and stimulating the growth of new hair.

Viviscal Max Strength
Max Strength
Viviscal Man
Viviscal regular strength
Regular Strength

Viviscal scalp lotion
Scalp Lotion
viviscal shampoo
Viviscal conditioner

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The Range

The product range consists of three different types of food supplement, a scalp lotion, shampoo and a conditioner. The supplements : Maximum Strength should be taken by women starting the programme. Regular Strength is aimed at women who have already taken Max Strength and now just wish to mainain their hair. Viviscal Man has been specifically formulated for men. These tablets should ideally be taken for a 6 month period or until satisfactory results have been achieved. For best results its is recommended that the supplements be taken in conjunction with the Scalp Lotion & Shampoo and Scalp Cleaner.

Does Viviscal work?

The active ingredient in these supplenets has undergone many scientific tests and trails, all of them published in leading international journals. All of them show conclusively the Viviscal halts thinning hair and in the majority of cased stimulates new growth.

In one study 100% of the participants reported positive results within two months and 85% experienced hair re-growth after eight months. In another study 92% od individuals reported total re-growth after 6 months.

Thousands of people have already undertaken the Viviscal Hair Renewal Programme and have experienced great results.